Alcohol swabs

Alcohol swabs
Alcohol swabs
Product Description
Alcohol Swab
We hold expertise in manufacturing “DHANWANTARI ALCOHOL SWABâ€� using quality tested material. These swabs are disposable antiseptic pre-injection isopropyl alcohol swabs. Over the progressive  years, we have engaged ourselves in developing international quality  

 DHANWANTARI SWABS. We manufacture these swabs in a sophisticated plant under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which is completely air-conditioned and free from dust. These are developed with non-woven and each one measures not less than 25*55 mm and contains approximately 450 mg of isopropyl alcohol and pure water mixture, i.e, in the ratio 70:30. Our swab has a fold because of which it has the capacity of retaining a larger quantity of alcohol for a longer duration as compared to other swabs. The superior four layered packaging of paper, LDPE and aluminum ensures longer shelf life of the product till the sachet is not opened. Our product is widely acknowledged for its intact contents which is due to the usage of special alcohol absorbent  and unique packaging material.   The essential feature of our product is that it is widely used  for preparation of skin before to an injection. These Alcohol Swabs are also used for minor cuts, bites, scrapes , burns and other skin wound will kill harmful bacteria that can cause infections. Alcohol Swabs can also be used to clean medicals and surgical Instruments such as Thermometer, spoons glucose meter  and other pre operative instruments.    . The medical fraternity has switched over to disposable syringes and needles, and the alcohol swab acts as a natural precursor to these disposables. Some other vital characteristics of our product are as follows:
Saturated 70% v/v with Isopropyl Alcohol. 70% IPA for optimum anti bacterial action.
Four layer wrapper provides air-tight seal- prevent leakage and drying up.
A true disinfectant
Provides maximum hygiene to the patient
Guards against possible secondary infection
Amenable to simple inventory control
Easily transportable
Paramedical friendly
Incurs no wastage (misuse of both cotton & spirit drastically increase the ‘actual’ cost of spirit-soaked cotton balls )

Alcohol Swabs

Product Description

The  alcohol swabs distributed by OHRDP are individually wrapped in sterile and water-resistant packages.Alcohol swabs are used to clean the injection site before injection. Swabs also remove any blood resulting from the injection from fingers and other surfaces.

Alcohol swabs are for single use only.


* Alcohol swabs can be used to clean the injection site, to wipe clean the surface used to prepare for injection, and to clean injection or smoking equipment.

* Swabs are used when soap and water is not available and for that reason alone, it is important that individuals have as many alcohol swabs are they request. Alcohol swabs should not be shared and each person should have as many alcohol swabs as they need.

* If alcohol swabs are not available, a second choice may be rubbing alcohol, aftershave lotion.

* For stocking purposes, Needle Exchange Programs should estimate a minimum of two swabs per needle distributed.

Discussion/Associated Risks

* Alcohol swabs should not be shared as they have been identified in the transmission of blood borne pathogens.

* Injecting without first cleaning the injection site can lead to bacteria on the skin entering the blood stream and causing infection.

* It is important that the injection site not be touched by fingers after it has been cleaned. Cleaning the skin prior to injection is one of the most important things that can be done to reduce the risk of endocarditis, blood poisoning, and similar infections.

* Alcohol swabs should not be used after injecting to clean the injection site or to attempt to stop bleeding. The alcohol in the swab may dissolve the blood clot and the wiping action can interfere with the clot formation. Encourage a clean, dry tissue/paper towel with pressure until injection site seals itself.


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