Fetal Doppler DMS-8G

Fetal Doppler DMS-8G

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DMS-8G Fetal Doppler (LCD display)

Fetal Doppler is used for detect the Fetal Heart Rate ( FHR ) to hear the sound of 12 weeks pregnancy in hospital, clinic even at home.

  • Pocket Fetal Doppler
  • Big LCD display FHR
  • Backlight ,Built-in speaker
  • Audio output can connect recorder
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Three FHR modes: curve display mode, numeric display mode
  • Battery energy Indication and Volume Indication
  • Sound alarm function when FHR is not the normal range
  • Menu data set mode.
Technical Specification:
  • Ultrasonic Frequency:2.5 MHz
  • LCD size:55mm X 27mm
  • FHR display range:30~240 BPM
  • Dimension:14 0 mm (W) x 33 mm (D) x 88 mm (H)
  • Weight:0.54kg
  • Continuous work time: 10 hours

Optional: Gel, earphone, bag

Standard accessories:3.6V rechargeable battery, Charger, Manual